Safety features:

Department of Transportation Certified

Licensed and Insured

Certified Trained Drivers

Marked Vehicles

Uniformed Drivers

Identification Cards

Daily Van Inspections

Safe driver training

Drivers are required to have ongoing training which include: State Certified Training, Safe Driving Conditions, Customer Service and the unique transportation needs of children.


Higher Learning Transportation takes safety very seriously. We are in compliance with all of North Carolina state Laws and Requirements. Each child will be provided with Higher Learning Transportation Services identification cards with a unique ID number. Each driver and passenger are required to wear seat belts while being transported. Our policy will not allow the vehicle to begin or continue a ride if passengers are not wearing safety restraints properly.

Each driver is equipped with a cell phone for emergencies. The vehicle is equipped with safety equipment which includes first aid kits, fire extinguishers, flashlights, step ladder, hand sanitizer etc…

We will maintain our vehicles regularly and consistently. The entire fleet will undergo detailed safety inspections three times each year (before school begins, during the Christmas holidays, and during spring break.)


All employees are DOT certified, CPR certified and trained in the use of proper techniques of First Aid. Additionally, all employees are required to pass all the state requirements needed to work with children.