Higher Learning Transportation Services


Tutoring/After School Tutorials

We will take children to and from their tutoring locations and/or bring them home from after-school tutorials.

Summer Camp

We will provide all your Summer Camp Transportation needs.
Home to Camp, Camp to Home or design a route to fit your camper needs.

Last Minute or Sick Child Pick Up

If you cannot leave work, we will gladly pick up your child up from school and take them to a destination of your choice.
Non Emergency Medical Transportation
We will transport your child to and from medical appointments.

Sports/Extracurricular Activities

We will provide transportation to and from extracurricular activities for those parents that aren’t available to be in two places at one time.

Religious Activities

We will provide transportation to Bible Studies, Prayer Groups, Youth Meeting, etc…


Transportation to after school jobs and or job interviews.


We will drop off and pick up season pass cardholders

Birthday Parties

We will pick up your party guest and drop them off at your party location. We will take your party group to movies, dinner, bowling, etc.

Design a Route

We will design a route to fit family specific needs to almost any destination within our service area requested by a parent, guardian, or the authorized representatives of an institution, organization, or business.

In order to take advantage of our services you must first register with us.