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Registration Form

Please complete this form to register to book our services. If you have multiple Children with different routes  please complete a separate registration form. 

Parent/Guardian Information:

Please provide your information

Your Riders Information

Tell us a little bit about your child and let us know if you have any additional riders. Please complete a separate registration form if your children have different routes ( Different pickup or Dropoff, time, etc)

Your Trip Information

Please provide information regarding your child's trip. Please complete a separate form if your children have different routes. 

Agree to the Terms

Please Read, Review and Sign Terms and Conditions

Servicing age begin at 6 years old

Hours of Operation: 6:30am – 6:30pm   HLTS follow CMS schedule for Holiday closings


Services provided Monday – Friday (Weekend services optional for Special Events, depends on Availability)

Clients must provide a 48 hour notice to make changes or cancel scheduled route to properly plan transport routes. If a scheduled daily route is not canceled 48 hours prior to picking up child, one day of service will be charged to client.


A five minute window is provided for scheduled routes. Thereafter, parents will be charged $5.00 for each additional five minutes drivers have to wait. An additional $5 will be charged per signing in/out services.

Clients must register children and Pay for registration and services prior to transport services beginning.


NO REFUNDS – When selecting a scheduled route, please keep in mind our cancelation policy does not offer refunds.


Weekly Discounted rates are offered for weekly services, if a child does not utilize service for up to three days, the client is responsible for paying the weekly rate, daily rate fee required for the remaining days of services rendered for that week.


Daily Rates are non-refundable due to the fact, pre-scheduled services prevents additional routes being


If your child is sick

If a child has viral like symptoms and/or a fever above 100 F service will not be provided until the child has been symptom free for at least 24 hours

Photography and Videography

I acknowledge Higher Learning Transportation may utilize photography and videography for advertising purposes. 


Medical Care Consent:

I  hereby give permission to allow an HL Transport staff member to provide or contact 911 for emergency treatment for registered children.

I  also give permission to HL Transport staff, to allow children registered to be transported by automobile or ambulance for treatment if deemed necessary.


I hereby agree that Higher Learning Transportation LLC and any/all staff members are not liable for medical emergencies and I,  agree that Higher Learning Transportation LLC and any/all staff members are held harmless and released from ALL liability,loss, claim or death of any/all such capacity of act caused or alleged to be caused in any manner thereof.

Thanks for registering.

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